Keith A. Brown


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This one-of-a-kind blouse, that can be worn as a micro mini dress is only for the daring if one chooses to wear it as a dress, is made from Shwe Shwe fabric from South Africa. It has a basic collar and exaggerated cuffs that can be worn long or rolled back. The sleeve is finished as sort of a nod to a vintage era, meaning at the cuff, it's really really full and forms a big poof with a cuff finishing it off.

It also has side pockets that are placed high, intentionally.

Traditionally, the fabric was always indigo, with the occasional red or chocolate brown design and the odd touch of gold to highlight the indigo.

Because these fabrics are starched in the factory - that's the tradition - they are quite stiff when new. After washing they are lovely and soft and easy to work with. All fabrics are 100% cotton and these are not wax finishes.


The SMALL shirt is based on 34-26 1/2-36, roughly a US 4/6. From the center back neck to the bottom, the length of the shirt is around 28".

This is a one-of-kind.