Rose Cigar Shirt - Modern Fit
Rose Cigar Shirt - Modern Fit


Rose Cigar Shirt - Modern Fit

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The unique KAB menswear cigar shirt can accommodate a variety of sizes of cigars and accessories, such as your on-the-go cutter and lighter. This is not a re-interpreted version of the guayabera, but yet a cool original creation that I came up with because when I go out to smoke, sometimes I just don’t wanna take a case.

Although we call this the cigar shirt, by no means is it just for the gentleman that smokes, it’s an all-around killer shirt.

Pictured is the M.


  • Multiple patch pocket front
  • Back pocket with button
  • Standard collar
  • Side vents


  • Slimmer chest, waist, shoulder, and sleeve
  • Buttoned cuff with a tower placket
  • Has a higher back yoke

To determine your size, please see our measurements guide below.

Body measurements:

M Chest: 40" Waist: 34" Hip: 41" Neck: 15.5" Sleeve: 33"
L  Chest: 44" Waist: 39" Hip: 45" Neck: 16.5" Sleeve: 34"
XL Chest: 50" Waist: 46" Hip: 51" Neck: 18" Sleeve: 36"
XXL Chest: 52” Waist: 48” Hip: 53" Neck: 18.5" Sleeve: 36"
XXXL Chest: 56" Waist: 52" Hip: 57" Neck: 19.5" Sleeve: 36"

Finished garment measurements:

M Chest: 42.5” Waist: 40.5” Finished length: 30"
L  Chest: 46.5" Waist: 44.5" Finished length: 30.5"
XL Chest: 52.5” Waist: 50.5” Finished length: 31.75"
XXL Chest: 54.5" Waist: 52.5" Finished length: 31.5"
XXXL: Chest: 62.5" Waist: 60.5" Finished lenght: 32"