Bespoke Face Mask (Indian Cream) LIMITED EDITION


Bespoke Face Mask (Indian Cream) LIMITED EDITION

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This is a piece of art that is handcrafted. The the top layer of cotton is cut out meticulously, and then a bottom layer is added by sewing two lightweight fabrics together like a quilt. This beautiful 100% cotton is from the looms of India.

The inner layer is a fusible cloth and has a sewn in nose clamp. This mask is lined in a contrasting soft fabric. Our ear straps are made from a heavier gauge stretch material which may allow for a closer fit.

This design is rounded at the nose and mouth and angled at the chin for a snug fit. You should determine whether to order the small or large.

Please only hand wash and air dry. Also, the logo label is only tacked on and meant to be taken off but it's optional to leave on. Please note that if you scrub the label, the lettering will wash away.

These items are produced by the teams that produce our clothing in a high-quality manner consistent with KAB production standards and are not produced in a sweatshop, nor using child labor. 

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