Bespoke Face Mask (Gold & Burgundy Flowers Pleated)


Bespoke Face Mask (Gold & Burgundy Flowers Pleated)

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This design is a typical pleated surgical mask and the style really allows the fabric to shine.

Each mask is made using a European lightly waxed 100% cotton purchased in Africa, with a fusible interior and sewn in nose clamp. Our ear straps are made from a heavier gauge stretch material.

This mask is washable, however, please be mindful that If you scrub the label or put it in a traditional washing machine, the lettering will wash away. The logo label is only tacked on and meant to be taken off, but it's optional to leave on. 

These items are produced by the teams that produce our clothing in a high-quality manner consistent with KAB production standards and are not produced in a sweatshop, nor using child labor. 

•US orders will be shipped in a bundle and dispersed from Atlanta.

•Customers in the Philippines are responsible for arranging pick up.