Burgundy Flowers Flat
Burgundy Flowers Flat


Burgundy Flowers Flat

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Rounded at the nose and mouth and flat at the mouth, wearing more like a face covering, i.e. bandana, these are very popular amongst those seeking a stylishly cover up to work in tandem with the traditional store-bought masks, referred to as doubling up. However, based on personal preference for a snug bandana like fit, and some larger face sizes, this can be a perfect option for those that struggle with the traditional small masks. For those with smaller faces, one might be overwhelmed by the size.

Depending on the size of one’s face, the nose bridge may rider higher, as well as there will be more fabric on your face as we have designed it this way. You may also experience slightly more room underneath your chin; this is for ventilation while still protecting you.

By adding the extra elastic to our ear cords, the wearer is able to adjust the fit on your face.

  • Made using European lightly waxed 100% cotton
  • 3-layers with a fusible interlining
  • Sewn-in nose clamp for adjusting
  • Ear straps made from a heavier gauge stretch material
  • Ships with ear cord adjusters

Hand washing and air drying are suggested. Please be mindful that our logo is meant to be only temporary, hence the reason it is only tacked on. It's optional to leave on, but please note that if you scrub the label, the lettering will wash away.

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