About Us

Keith Kebo Brown is creative director and head designer for KEITH A. BROWN Designs.

His design philosophy and foundation are constituted on many of the same visuals that engaged him as a youth growing up in the Southern part of the United States, bold prints often seen in quilts and blankets; families going to church in their best attire on Sunday’s; and the visual flavors of southern cooking, from collard greens to sweet potato pie.

He began his career in the garment industry in the late 80’s and has worked for such brands as Marithe’ & Francois Girbaud and Esprit de Corp., two of the world’s foremost fashion powerhouses throughout the late 80’s and 90’s. In 1994, Keith’s career experience had evolved into a place, both creatively and professionally, which allowed him to follow his dream of creating under his own label, KEITH A. BROWN designs, based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

From 1994 through 2010, Keith became somewhat of a cultural ambassador in Atlanta and had his fingerprint on the pulse of everything culturally relevant, starting with his signature on fashion, and expanding to art, music and cultural cool events.

Keith moved from the United States to the Philippines for a new challenge and adventure, and for 6 years his creative skill set took him on a different journey; he worked as a creative director within the global health arena developing visual communication initiatives. In a sense, he didn’t stray far from the engagement strategies that he had applied in the garment industry as communication and storytelling has always been a key component in fashion.

Keith is now back designing clothes on a much larger global stage while transitioning back to Manila, Philippines where he will be based. Traveling the globe being inspired will continue to be a mainstay for inspiration…

This is Keith A. Brown