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Mens Special Offer- EXTENDED

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One of my biggest dilemmas over the holidays occurred while shopping at Barney’s in San Francisco, seeing all of the highly creative clothing offerings for men. I was torn over whether to focus on creative menswear and the challenges of building a brand for a limited audience, or continue focusing on women’s wear where there is a creative freedom that I enjoy, and more women who “get” what I’m offering. In the end, the wisest decision is to continue focusing on women’s wear and to offer special options for men who desire something less mass and with more of a creative expression in their clothing.

With that, see the below update.

*UPDATE: This offer is being extended for a limited time throughout January, or until available cloths for this promotion are sold out.

At the time of ordering, your purchase must be paid for and will be shipped in MARCH. All products are being produced by my tailor.


We’re offering 3 mens shirts using fabrics from the “Inspired by India” collection. The way this works is simple, choose from the 3 styles offered, a fabric option per shirt, and your size block. I’m able to offer custom lengths for the sleeve lengths, and different neck sizes as well if need be.

The costs are as follows/ Shirt A:225 USD  Shirt B: 275 USD Shirt C: 400 USD. The price is determined by the style, not by the choice of fabric.

Standard shirt block sizes:

Size M: Neck: 15-15 1/2; Chest: 38-40; Sleeve: 33 1/2-34
Size L: 
Neck: 16-16 1/2; Chest: 42-44; Sleeve: 34 1/2-35
Size XL: Neck: 17-17 1/2; Chest: 46-48; Sleeve: 35 1/2-36

Thanks for the support.

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  1. Marlon Hubbard

    I want a few

  2. Dear Marlon,

    We’re standing by waiting to engage you. I will send you a follow up email directly to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your interest in KAB Designs.

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