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Started from the Bottom, NOW WE HERE! WOW.

Today I realized that that it has been 20 years since the launch of Keith A. Brown Designs (KAB). From a small apartment 20 years ago in a former school building called The Roosevelt in Atlanta, Georgia, to the last 3 + years in Asia, to now operating from my base presently here in Europe, with a view of the Mont Blanc mountain range on one side and the Jet d’Eau on the other, I must admit, it feels pretty good to still be relevant.

Most know me by my moniker, “Kebo” the Hushbox guy, but what what many may not know is my history. KAB was founded in 1994 as a clothing design label specializing in high end custom made RTW clothing. The experiences of being a designer and lifestyle brand creating my own marketing and engagement strategies, using today what we called pioneering approach’s, allowed me to better understand ways of connecting to vital niche markets, and out of a growing visibility from companies that truly wanted to better understand my branding experiences and consumer engagement approach’s, KAB evolved into a creative and content driven boutique label where I’m the Founder and the Creative Director. The Hushbox was the lifestyle portal and social media tool, long before the term.

Currently, I’m based here in Geneva, Switzerland, ground zero for international humanitarian, aid and development agencies. During my time in Asia, I spent a significant amount of time creating videos, and developing advocacy and awareness materials for companies such as the United Nations World Health Organization and World Food Programme, and I continue such work today. It hasn’t always been a smooth journey, but it has been a journey that has made me a better person and has opened my eyes to the world, and for that I’m thankful to all along the way.

Thank YOU so much to everyone for supporting me and all of my concepts throughout the years.

Your modern day Diplomatic passport carrying Renaissance Man,



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